Mission & Values


“International Aid glorifies Christ by providing medical and health resources to global partners serving people in need.”


We are Christian.

Our motivation for what we do is firmly rooted in Scripture.

We consider it a privilege to be called to serve others.

Our model in our mission is Jesus Christ Himself; in His ministry of compassion, He healed, fed, empowered the poor and ultimately gave His life so that everyone might enjoy the abundant life.

We are committed to excellence.

We strive to provide our best in everything, utilizing the known best practices in the field of health and international development.

We welcome innovations, continuously applying state of the art solutions to improve health and reduce poverty.

We continuously improve the way we run our programs and deliver services.

We aspire to be leaders in our chosen core competencies.

We are transparent.

We are honest in our dealings, trustworthy in our commitments and truthful in our words.

We pursue quality relationships that reflect our values. We honor the intent of our donors.

We evaluate our work, are open to feedback and seek the best outcomes to challenging situations.

We also recognize that the truth must always be spoken in love.

We are faithful stewards.

We are accountable for the resources entrusted to us.

We aim for the best results for the largest number of people in their applications.

We only use effective interventions and quality product efficiently.

We are known for the quality work we do and are quick to learn from our failures.

We forge and value partnerships.

We honor beneficiaries, partners, donors and colleagues as companions in an exciting journey.

We build partnerships with churches, people, organizations, institutions and governments who share the same vision with us.

We will share our knowledge, skills and vision with them to broaden our common platform for compassion.