Frequently Asked Questions

International Aid Relaunch

What is changing?

Effective November 1, 2022, International Aid will re-establish itself as a separate, Christian nonprofit organization, no longer incorporated within CURE International, that will provide direct assistance to those suffering from natural disasters or humanitarian crises around the world.

Why is this change occurring?

Both the CURE board and the newly established IA board believe that God can use IA to respond to immediate crises all over the world, a role it is not currently filling. This transition will enable International Aid to focus on its expanded mission, providing hope and support for more people in more places when they need it most.

How will this change or impact CURE’s operations?

This change will not impact CURE’s operations. CURE will continue to serve children all over the world who are suffering from treatable disabilities at its hospitals. No employment status will change.

Is International Aid going to retain its Christian values?

Yes, International Aid’s mission will be to glorify Christ by responding to humanitarian crises and natural disasters in the United States and around the world.

Who will be leading International Aid?

International Aid will be led by a new board of directors chaired by J.C. Huizenga, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What will International Aid be doing in the future?

International Aid will focus on providing emergency supplies (food, water, shelter, etc.) to people who have been affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Where will International Aid be based?

Grand Rapids, Michigan. International Aid has deep roots in West Michigan and will continue to operate from this area.

Who can I contact to ask further questions?

You may write an email to and we will follow up with you promptly.

How can I support International Aid?

Donations received after November 1, 2022, will be used by International Aid to respond to humanitarian crises. Gifts can be made online at and checks can be mailed to:  International Aid, 3755 36th St, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

How can I support CURE International?

Donations made to CURE will continue to provide life-changing surgeries and the love of Christ to children suffering from disabilities. Donations can be made online by visiting or by mail to: CURE International, 70 Ionia Ave. SW Suite 200 Grand Rapids, MI 49503