Nut Butter – A Tasty Treat

Author: Kendrick Satterfield

As the summer came, and the sun turned hot in Los Angeles, many people in the City of Angels found themselves gearing up for summer break, beach trips, and backyard baseball. However, millions of families in the United States–especially in the greater Los Angeles area–aren’t concerned with laying out on the beach, or learning how to throw the perfect curveball this summer season. Instead, they are working to put consistent food on their family’s table. And for those who are economically challenged, this creates a lot of worry and stress.

This is why International Aid has the tremendous privilege of not only working to help the global community when disasters strike, but helping out our friends and families in need right here at home with food.

A 2016 study conducted by the USDA found that a staggering 15.6 million households were “Food Insecure” at some point during the year. Food Insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. These numbers break our hearts here at International Aid. It is shocking to think that so many families go hungry due to the lack of adequate food or resources to purchase them in our country. But it happens and is happening.

So to combat this, our Health Products department helped supply a local food distribution center in the greater Los Angeles area with Nut Butter. Nut butter is an excellent supplemental food where nutrition is lacking. Nut Butter contains healthy fats, omega-3’s, and protein… all the things that a malnourished diet may lack.

We were thrilled to hear a story from our partner about a little boy with his mother as she grocery shopped at the distribution center. While his mother diligently picked out items for her family, he had eaten three packs of the Nut Butter that we had provided. It’s wonderful to know that the health products we supply are well received. But more than that, we enjoy knowing that we were able to help families in need.

As we all go out this summer season and enjoy the warm weather and time spent with our own family, let’s not forget that millions of families right here in the U.S. need our help.

At International Aid, we hear the call of hunger–a dinner bell that doesn’t ring as much as it should–and we play our part in providing food and food supplements to fight against hunger here in the U.S.

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