We helped Grace SMILE!

A small village by the name of Smell-No-Taste, is a typical Liberian village with a mixture of mud-brick houses, tin shacks, and concrete buildings. Few of the houses have running water, so topical illnesses are prevalent.

It is also home to Grace, a twelve-year-old girl who enjoys school, but sadly could not go today because she had an itch or rash, so she went to the clinic. The people at the clinic took great care of her and provided her with a free cream to be put on her rash. Grace’s smile seems to say it all, ‘thank you’.

Grace is also happy to return to school. At school she likes to study science, and she told me she wants to be a doctor!

We are happy that we were able to send Christian Aid Ministries 3,000 tubes of topricin pain relief cream, which in turn brightened a young girls day and gave her the opportunity to go back to school! 

Give today to share the joy of better health tomorrow, just as we did with Grace!

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