What We Do

International Aid tangibly demonstrates the love of Christ to a hurting world through two primary ministries: International Aid’s Health Products Services and International Aid’s Medical Equipment Services.

Medical Equipment Services:

Our Medical Equipment Services is one of the largest re-conditioners of medical equipment in the non-profit world. Our on-staff bio medical technicians ensure that every piece of equipment sent to our partners in the field is in working condition, is covered by a warranty and has been adapted to fit the region’s power source. International Aid is committed to being good stewards of the equipment entrusted to us by sending only appropriate, sustainable shipments to partners serving in areas of greatest need.


Lab-In-Suitcase® is a basic portable laboratory that provides many of the laboratory tests most frequently requested by medical practitioners.

Health Products:

International Aid’s Health Products team works to direct medicines, health products and nutritional supplements from socially responsible corporations to ministries and humanitarian organizations.

Hygiene Kits:

International Aid’s Hygiene Kit Program helps people who’s lives are torn apart by disaster, illness, or poverty. It’s truly enough for them to focus on staying safe and staying alive during those difficult and trying times. Hygiene Kits are life saving consumable goods that our partners can use every day in communities around the world that are suffering or recovering from recent disruptions.

Disaster Relief:

International Aid primarily addresses chronic medical and health issues related to poverty, however the ministry is also dedicated to being an outlet by which the West Michigan community can respond to natural disasters. This is done by assessing the devastation, contacting in-country partners concerning their needs and then supplying them with the tools they need in the process of rebuilding.

We are committed to responding to major disasters throughout the world by providing relief supplies to disaster victims and areas.

Where We Work:

While International Aid’s headquarters is in West Michigan, our reach truly is international. In our 2017 fiscal year alone (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017), $54 million worth of health products and medical equipment from International Aid was used by 154 ministries and humanitarian organizations working in 61 countries. Through working with in-country partners, International Aid is able to easily send shipments of aid to the areas of great need.